Man robs ¥500,000 from office in Okinawa City

A man wearing a ski mask robbed ¥500,000 in cash from the office of a company running a junk recycling business in the Koja district of Okinawa City, Friday.

According to Okinawa City Police, there were two female staff in the office at the time of the robbery, and the robber asked them to hand over money while pointing them with something the women described as a knife or like a gun. The staff handed him money, and robber pushed them into another small room, saying “Don’t call police, and stay here for a while.”

The robber didn’t tie them or lock the door, but just ran away after getting the money. No one was injured.

A man who does business with this company, said “Most people don’t know the office is doing cash business.  Usually people bring junk items to the yard, which is a bit far away from the office.”

Police are still searching the robber’s whereabouts. According to Okinawa City Police, the man looks to be around 50 of age, is165 cm tall and medium built. He wore a red ski mask and a long sleeved shirt, beige pants and white shoes.

22:21 22 Jul , 2024