Naha Airport operates ¥3.3 billion in red

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation announced Tuesday its estimate of the balance of payments for FY2015 for the 27 national airports.

The total aggregated business profit, including the business of airports themselves, like airport runways and landing fees, and related businesses, like airport buildings and parking lots, totaled ¥17.7 billion, which puts the airports in black for the second consecutive year. Cited reasons include the increased number of tourists from overseas, and the increased number of LCC flights that in turn increased sales at airport shops.

The business profit for the last year was ¥10.2 billion, which is the first time in 10 years that the figure has been in black. The profit for FY2016 is expected to be even higher.

By airport, Haneda, Shinchitose, Matsuyama, and Komatsu all made profit, which is one less than a year before. Hiroshima Airport sank into red by ¥300 million, because of increased repair costs of its runway.

Haneda Airport in Tokyo was the money maker with a profit of ¥25.4 billion. Shinchitose had a profit of ¥6.3 billion. Naha Airport was ¥3.3 billion in red, mostly because of the on-going expansion work. However, the deficit decreased from ¥21.9 billion a year before because landing fees increased.

All airports, except Yao that has no related businesses were black regarding profits from related businesses, like profits from the airport buildings and fees from parking lots. Those profits increased to ¥38.2 billion that is 20% more than the year before.

At government managed airports, the airport itself including runways are government managed, but airport buildings are managed by private companies or joint venture companies between local governments and private investors.


20:27 14 Jul , 2024