Ie Island Easter Lily Festival

April 20th marks the start of the 24th Annual Yuri Matsuri, the Ie lsland Lily Festival, showcasing more than one million teppoyuri’s, or Easter Lilies, which have become a vibrant symbol of this small island. During this time, what would normally be a quiet island of 5,000 inhabitants, Ie Island quickly transforms into a highly populated region for a couple of weeks. The festival builds to its crescendo during its final week ending May 6th, which coincides with Golden Week, one of Japan’s principal holiday periods.  Visitors, by the thousands, flock to pay homage to these sweet fragrantly scented lilies and to partake in the action-packed entertainment scheduled during the festival period.

The Lily Park on Ie Island contains millions of white Easter Lilies now coming to full bloom.

Ie Island is located west of Motobu on the northwest coast just west of Nago City.
Ferry tickets to Ie Island cost ¥1,370 round trip for adults, and ¥690 round trip for kids.  The cost for regular cars depends on length, ranging from ¥4,720 ~ ¥9,710.  Bicycles are ¥1,180, mopeds cost ¥1,540 ~ 2,000. Bikes over 125cc are ¥2,480. On Ie Island, bus transportation from the ferry terminal to Ie Lily Park is available at a nominal fee.


20:11 29 Nov , 2021