Christmas Fantasy in Okinawa Zoo rings in holiday spirit

Although chances for a white Christmas on Okinawa are rather slim, the annual Christmas Fantasy at Okinawa Kodomono Kuni, a.k.a. Okinawa Zoo, is ready to entertain visitors with the next best thing.

From Dec. 21st through Jan. 5th, from 16:30 to 21:30 each day (Dec. 23, 26 and Jan.1 are closed. 20:00〜25:00 on Dec. 31), a huge Christmas Wonderland opens at the zoo, complete with sparkling lights, Christmas trees, live entertainment and even real snowfalls produced by snow generators three times each night at 18:10, 19:30 and 20:20 for 12/21~30 and 1/2~5. At 17:25, 19:20 and 20:40 for 12/22 and 12/29.

Romantic “Heart Land” is one of the most popular attractions for couples.

A huge array of LED lights decorates entire Okinawa Zoo.

During the Christmas Fantasy event, the entire Okinawa Kodomo no Kuni is decorated with huge numbers of LED decorations. The park is divided into many special theme areas including Santa Claus, electric flower field, illuminated amusement park, and illuminated Tunnel of Love among others. There are also play areas where children can play in a snow field, whiz down a hill on sliders, make a snowman, visit an igloo made of real snow and more.

Its very hard to play with snow on Okinawa
except at Christmas Fantasy.

Street dance, Eisa, and bingo games are staged three times every day, as is a fantastic ‘Super Aurora’ laser beam show, the largest of its kind on the island, at 19:00, 21:10 for 12/21~30 and 1/2~5, at 18:15, 19:55 and 21:10 for 22nd and 29th.

Santa Claus is present every day, including a giant one over the pond in the park.
Christmas Fantasy advance tickets are ¥1,800, or ¥2,200 at the gate. 4-15-year-old kids’ tickets are ¥1,000 in advance, or ¥1,200 at the gate. Children under three years of age are free. Advance tickets are available before December 21st at Coop Apre in Naha Shintoshin, Palette Kumoji RYUBO, Lawson (code 82152) and FamilyMart convenience stores, Okinawa Expressway rest area kiosks. Kadena ITT and MCCS Tours Plus.

Visitors cannot bring any food or drinks to the venue. There is very limited space for parking in the vicinity of the zoo. Shuttle busses will be running every day of the event from Okinawa City Office as needed. The last bus back to the city office leaves from Okinawa Zoo at 22:00.

06:09 02 Aug , 2021