Okinawa Expressway bridge construction work (Naha IC – Nishihara IC)

NEXCO, the company operating the Okinawa Expressway announces that the bridge construction work will take place for two nights from 20:00 – 6:00 on the June 13th to 15th between Naha IC to Nishihara IC. (In case of postponement, the schedule delays to the June 15th to 17th)

Construction work


The Kochi IC ramp bridge is a bridge that crosses over the Okinawa Expressway (Naha IC – Nishihara IC). It is a bridge that will be newly constructed as an Okinawa prefecture regional revitalization IC to alleviate traffic congestion in the surrounding area and strengthen the road network.

After the road closure work is completed, a large crane will be used on the highway and side road construction yard to construct the bridge.

Maintenance work


NEXCO will make effective use of road closures and include maintenance of the Expressway in order to reduce traffic restrictions due to the construction work between Naha IC to Nishihara IC.

We will fell the trees on the slope so that it is possible to pass safely on the Expressway.

We will clean the drainage system to prevent flooding of the Expressway.


Passengers taking the express bus to Naha Airport

The Okinawa Expressway is closed from 20:00 to 6:00 the next morning, so please use the urban Monorail “Yui Rail” from Tedako-Uranishi Station => Naha Airport Station



14:29 02 Jul , 2022