Okinawa Expressway Renewal Work Starts Jan. 9 in 2024

NEXCO, the company operating the Okinawa Expressway announces that Expressway renewal works start from January 9th in 2024 to late April in 2024 between Kyoda IC to Route 58, and Route 58 to Kyoda IC. Also the other work from January 15th in 2024 to mid April in 2024 between Ginoza IC to Kyoda IC and Kyoda IC to Ginoza IC.

※The lanes will be narrowed down at the construction site, so please be careful of traffic jams and near-end collisions.

※The construction period is subject to change depending on weather.

※Please note that vehicles for construction work enter and leave the traffic regulation sections.

※Install a vehicle attention awakening speaker near a regulation notice beacon and perform the attention awaking of the construction section.



14:39 04 Mar , 2024