Bird migration patterns making ready for fall

Autumn is in the air, as evidenced by scenes of winter birds migrating back across the sea to Okinawa to spend the autumn through spring season.

Already gracing Okinawa shores are a black-winged stilt and a white-winged tern who’ve flown to paddy fields in Tokashiki district for the first time of the season last week, performing what bird watchers like to call the ‘Ballerina on the shore’. A member of the Okinawa Wild Bird Association, Kenji Takahara, says “staying over the winter season for winter birds has come. We checked black-winged stilt that came to Kin Town. The white-winged tern does the first winter plumage.”

Takahara adds that “in Kerama Island, there are a lot of scenes that find stray birds such as the Glossy Ibis fling in.” At paddy fields of double cropping rice that was planted in August, shore birds are migrating in, too. Takahara says the scene will make a fun time for residents and tourists this fall and winter.

07:29 01 Mar , 2024