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Shiqwasa Sherbet

Ingredients ・30cc 100% Shiqwasa fruit juice ・200g Yogurt ・200cc Milk ・30g Honey   How to cook 1. Put all ingredients a tray. 2. Mix well and place it in the refrigerator. 3. Mix it again after two hours, and repeat it 3 times, and done.  ...Read More

OkiPark Vol.39 Henza Nishi Park

Henza Nishi Park on Henza Island in Uruma City. After crossing the 4.7km long Kai-chu Doro (Ocean Road) from the Okinawa mainland you will soon arrive at the Henza Nishi Park.     There is a small size playground on location along with a playing field, plus a good view of the ocean. You will also se...Read More

05:50 17 Oct , 2018