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PICK UP – Real Estate

Available 5
Available 5 [Kin Area]

  • RENT: ¥230,000 (Neg)
  • SQFT: 1200
  • Bedroom:3 Bathroom:2
  • Agent: Star Housing
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PICK UP – Used Car


  • Price : ¥950,000
  • Maker : TOYOTA
  • Year : 2016
  • Displacement : 1000cc
  • Agent : Used Cars Koza
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Today's Recipe
Goya Chanpuru – sautéed goya with vegetables and egg

The ultimate summer vegetable on Okinawa is goya, known as nigauri in Japanese and bitter melon in English. It’s a nutrient-rich vegetable that especially contains about double or triple of Vitamin C in a lemon. Goya chanpuru (mix in Okinawa dialect) is considered effective against the oppressive summer heat of Okinawa making this dish a staple summer meal. Almost every cook and housewife makes the dish in their own way. Here’s one cooked with vegetables, egg, and corned beef hash.   Ingred...Read More

OkiPark Vol.42 Sakiyama Park

Sakiyama Park is located in the Sakiyama District just below the Shurijo Castle Park in Naha City. Because it stands on high elevation, you are able to capture a panoramic view of Naha City, Tomigusuku City, and Haebaru Town. On a clear sunny day, you can also see the Kerama islands. The nighttime view is jus...Read More

02:22 11 Aug , 2022