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Oriental Garden Open 2020 Nov
Oriental Garden Open 2020 Nov [Chatan Area]

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PICK UP – Used Car



  • Price : ¥1,590,000
  • Maker : TOYOTA
  • Year : 2016
  • Displacement : 1500cc
  • Agent : Used Cars Koza
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Today's Recipe
Chimushinji – Okinawan pork and vegetable soup

Okinawan people eat “Chimushinji” when they have a cold or fell otherwise sick. Ingredients in this dish include pork that contains proteins, fresh Okinawan vegetables, and herbs with medical properties. Carrots, called ‘shimaninjin,’ are a variety only grown on Okinawa that are yellow in color and skinny and long shaped. The ‘shimaninjin’ season lasts from November through April. Ingredients (To serve 4) ・ 180 g pork liver ・ 100 g ham ・ 2 Shimaninjin (carrots) ・ 1 Green onion ・ 2 liters water ・...Read More

Chura-Sun Beach receives temporary new name

The name of the Chura-Sun beach which is located in Tomigusuku city will be changed to “Orion Eco Chura-Sun beach” starting November 1st for three years. It’s a naming right project. Tomigusuku city and Orion Beer Company have paired up for the next three years. This is the first time for Okinawa beach to pai...Read More

10:30 01 Mar , 2021