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Newer Apt with 3 bedroom
Newer Apt with 3 bedroom [Okinawa Area]

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PICK UP – Used Car



  • Price : $3900
  • Maker : TOYOTA
  • Year : 2006
  • Displacement : 2000cc
  • Agent : Car Produce M3
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Today's Recipe
Marinated Urizun Beans (Okinawan Beans)

  Ingredients ・1 pack of Urizun beans ・1 tbs Ume paste ・3g Bonito flakes How to cook 1. Wash the Urizun beans. 2. Boil water in a pot and put the Urizun beans in the pan and stir for about 1~2 minutes. 3. Drain the Urizun in a strainer and wash with water to cool. 4. Cut into 1cm size bits and mix with Ume paste and Bonito flakes and you are done....Read More

OkiPark Vol.45 Moromizato Park

Moromizato Park is located in the Sonda District of Okinawa City. It is close to Highway 330 and Kadena Air Base. However, because it is tucked in within a residential area, it is not so easy to find. The park is rather large consisting of a kids play zone, a huge playground, a basketball court, tennis courts...Read More

01:29 18 Jan , 2019