And this week’s winner is…

This week’s winner of Japan Update raffle is Ku’uleialoha Ampong. She won a pool voucher to the Spa & Resort Hotel Monterey in Onna Village. She is sure to enjoy a cool dip into the luxury hotel’s pool during Okinawa’s summer heat.

Ku’uleialoha I born and raised on Okinawa and has thus spent here all 21 years of her life. She says that although there is a possibility that she would eventually leave the island, she hopes that does not happen anytime soon as she has grown to love Okinawa.

She says that there are too many favorite foods to name, “Okinawa soba is definitely one of my favorites that I eat every week,” she states. She especially likes the people and scenery of the island, but she also would like to visit the outer islands and mainland Japan.

She likes to explore the history and culture of the islands and reads everything about the subject whenever she can get her hands on a book or magazine to read. “Thos are also my favorite articles to read in Japan Update,” she adds.

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00:18 28 May , 2024