Hit-and-run results in minor injury to boy

A mini-car driven by a 54-year-old man hit a nine-year-old elementary school boy who was playing on the road at Miyagi, Urasoe City on Oct. 27, and escaped.

The boy fell down and was slightly injured with scratches on his left elbow and left knee.

Urasoe police started to  investigat the incident as hit-and-run crime.

About three hours later the driver appeared at at nearby police box to turn himself in. However, the police didn’t arrest the man because in their judgment the man is not likely to escape or destruct any evidence.  They are investigating him on suspicion of careless driving and accidentally inflicting an injury, and will send the evidence pertaining to the case to the Public Prosecutors’ Office after the investigation is complete.

According to the police, when the man hit the boy, he stopped and asked the boy “Are you okay?” before leaving the scene without calling the police.

05:27 15 Jul , 2024