Naha Hai Sai Market diversifies for December

A youth group performs Eisa at Hai Sai Market.

The innovative Hai Sai Market in downtown Naha City is picking up a full head of steam as it expands its shopping, eating, and playing options to lure customers from across Okinawa.

The Hai Sai Market operates between September and March in Saion Square, a shopping district on the north end of Kokusai Street near the Makishi monorail station.  It operates 17:00~ 21:00 Fridays, 11:30 ~ 20:00 Saturdays, and 11:30 ~ 19:30 Sundays and holidays, and is absolutely free both ti visit and even open a stall.  It’s a “citizens participation exchange type market”, meaning everyone can bring their foods and goods, with proper registration with organizers, of course.

The weekend market features not only goods and food available for sale, but also includes entertainment, including variety shows, music and dance.  The key feature, though, is sales.

December’s first weekend is spotlighting Japanese sake being brought to Okinawa

Food stalls sell snacks and meals to hungry flea market patrons.

from throughout Japan.  The second weekend is loaded with wines and cheeses from around the world.  It will be presented at an outside café while Jazz music entertains.  December 14th ~ 16th Hai Sai Market invites visitors to say hello to the world of Chinese, and the weekend before Christmas will be the hottest three days of the winter with a Christmas Dance performances.  The last weekend is the end-of-the-year general flea market and vessels market, as vendors prepare to ring in the new year.

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13:34 14 Jul , 2024