Eat while contributing at special charity event

All food is free, but a donation to charity is in order once your stomach is full.

Tortilla Factory LLC, a company operating Obbligato, Tortilla Factory and Mark’s Drive In restaurants, is once again opening its heart to the community with a charity food event.

The company holds the event every year as a “Mingling activity with local area people” on their company’s ideology, “Let’s have happy time with everybody”. It’s a simple concept, and one that warms the heart:  eat free at Mark’s Drive In on December 31st, then make a hearty donation to

The meaning of giving to charity is best learned at an early age.

Salsa band Kachimba 1551 will provide entertainment at the event.


Now in its eighth year, the event invites you to eat free, and then demonstrate our kindness by contributing generously to the collection boxes at each site. At the day, the company’s staff will work for volunteer, and some foodstuffs are offered by traders that deal with the company. To be sure all the money goes to charity, the staff is working free for the day.

On top of that, a talent, Chika Takami will come to the event as guest staff, and the popular salsa band “Kachimba 1551” will come and perform, so all visitors can enjoy delicious dishes and great music.  Donations collected at the event this year will be sent to a children’s home, “Churasato Children’s home”, and NPO Corporation, Asia Child Support”.

The charity event runs 10 a.m.~ 2 p.m. on Monday, December 31st at Mark’s Drive In,1-26-5 Yogi, Okinawa City.

Children’s home Churasato Children’s home is facility that does livelihood assistance for children that cannot be with their parents because of many reasons.  NPO Corporation, Asia Child Support is NPO group that supports children in developing nation in Asia. (

05:23 30 May , 2024