Honobono Marche is spiritual, cleansing event

The event takes place on Jingu Temple grounds on Friday.

Honobono Marche is based on the spirit of Ho’oponopono, a Hawaiian word meaning “washing of the heart” and the foundation of an annual event taking place Friday at the Jingu Temple at Futenma, next to the Futenma shrine.

The daylong event is a bit of everything, including fun and relaxation, as the gathering resembles a family council preparing relationships by prayer, arguments, confession regret and mutual compensation and forgiveness.  If that family council preparing relations sounds a bit like no fun, consider that it is really a pleasant, feminine, peaceful activity that takes you away from stress and tension in order to relax.

It’s also a special market from 10 a.m. ~ 8 p.m. tomorrow, with more than 20 stores from all parts of Okinawa bringing everything from chemical-free vegetables, natural yeast bread, organic wines, green smoothies and handmade crafts.  On stage throughout the day there’ll be dance performances, while a nearby open space for kids keeps them entertained while the family relaxes and enjoys the day. There’s also a workshop teaching how to make miso and tofu.

Admission is ¥500.  While there’s a parking lot, organizers encourage carpooling, as space is limited.

Original homemade kimchi, miso and other delicacies are offered for sale at Honobono Marche market.

01:18 31 May , 2024