3rd MEB resumes role as alert contingency MAGTF

The 3rd Marine Expeditionary Brigade has resumed its role as the command element for the Asia-Pacific region’s alert contingency Marine Air-Ground Task Force.
As the command element for the ACM, 3rd MEB is prepared to respond within 24
hours to crises throughout the region. In the event of a contingency, 3rd MEB will mitigate foreign or domestic crises, protect U.S. citizens and territories, or counter threats to U.S. national interests as needed.  Since the last assumption of the command element for the ACM the 3rd MEB has participated in the command and control exercise Yama Sakura with regional allies, Typhoon Pablo Relief in the Philippines and over the next month will train in a Maritime Prepositioning Force Planners Course and a Joint
Humanitarian Operations Course.
The 3rd MEB will also conduct realistic ACM drills, to include practicing packing and staging equipment and gear and flying the first echelon of personnel, who would deploy in a contingency operation, out of Okinawa and back.  Continuous realistic training, exercises and real-world operations ensure that the 3rd MEB is prepared to effectively execute contingency missions throughout the region.

04:41 15 Jul , 2024