New Navy Hospital siren testing raises locals’ ire

Local residents are complaining to Ginowan City Military Base Liaison Section of “a piercing siren sound” emitting from the new Navy Hospital now under construction on Camp Foster in Ginowan City.

When the section inquired about the noise through the Okinawa Defense Bureau, they got an explanation stating that “We are testing emergency sirens that are installed in the hospital.”

Local residents say that the sounds started a few days ago, and have continued intermittently for 2 ~ 3 hours at the longest.

The tests start from 8:30 a.m. each day, and according to the explanation, are expected to continue until the beginning of February. The Ginowan City Military Base Liaison Section is demanding through Okinawa Defense Bureau that “We want consideration for local residents.”


  • smiter jonestaffnot

    They don’t complain about the bosozoku riding around in the wee hours of the morning, but they complain about a siren in broad daylight? Something tells me this story is fabricated, anti-base, rhetoric.


    We need to leave this stupid island for some other country to come & conquer, then listen to them scream

  • ewacloser

    “Local residents say that the sounds started a few days ago, and have continued intermittently for 2 ~ 3 hours at the longest.” Really? Who the heck test a siren for 2 to 3 hrs.? That is pure b.s.

  • pcvolunteer73

    I bet they (local politicans) get some more subsidization/ money in their hands that same alarm won’t sound nearly so loud. It is NOT going on for 2-3 hours. Every complaint is just leverage. Boso bikers tear up the streets every night and nothing gets done about it. Political election vans drive around my neighborhood blaring their messages even after dark.

    • smiter jonestaffnot

      OH yea, and how about the word WODGE being spray-painted on every wall from Naha to Kin Town?

  • pcvolunteer73

    Japanese doctors sometimes do their residency at Lester Hospital. They’re local and I’m sure they have no “ire” raised. How abou the “Yakimon” food dude who will blare his stuff while taking a nap in your parking area? I guess that’s okay.


    I can see it now,, T-Shirts and placards with a hospital drawing and a red diagonal line across it. If you don’t want the Americans here, protest the Americans, not little piddly things like alarms and Ospreys. Are we supposed to believe if the Ospreys were moved off Okinawa that there would be no more protest?

23:54 22 Jul , 2024