Ryukyu lacquer ware exhibition opens Tuesday

Antique Ryukyu lacquerware, world famous and with so called “Camellia” pattern decoration especially highly valued, is now on exhibit at Shuri Castle.

One of Okinawa’s most treasured art forms, Ryukyu lacquer ware, goes on display next week at the Shuri Castle Park special exhibition room.

The Camellia Exhibition, featuring the Camellia pattern in Ryukyu lacquer works, runs from the 15th through March 15th.  The daily exhibition runs 8:30 a.m. ~ 8 p.m. in the Special Exhibition Room of the south building, on the second floor.  Admission to the exhibition is free; however, visitors must pay to enter the Shuri Castle Park inner area.

Lacquer ware of Ryukyu is one of the articles that began in the era of the 14th & 15th centuries, when overseas trade was prosperous and technology and art were highly prized and appreciated as trade goods and as gifts.  Production of the handicraft is an art, with various levels of high school, especially the three-dimensional Tsuikin technique of relief expression obtained from the Chinese technique Tsuishu.  It’s considered as the decorating method unique to Okinawa, designed special and maintained as an local art form.

The Ryukyu lacquer works in which the floral design of the camellia were drawn and lacquer ware produced during the Ryukyu Kingdom days will be exhibited.  The brightness of the Ryukyu dynasty culture will be introduced.

14:02 14 Jul , 2024