Beach cleaning, Only One Fair linked at Uruma City

The first 90 minutes of the day is dedicated to cleaning a local beach.

It’s a two-part day Sunday, with a Teruma Beach Cleaning in the morning and a free public fair in the afternoon in Uruma City.

Participants gather in front of Uruma Gelato Sunday morning at 10 a.m. for the 90-minute

Hand-made goods and local produce are the topic of the only One Fair that commences once the beach cleaning is done.

beach cleaning at Yonashiro, Teruma, in Uruma City.  There’s no charge to assist in the project, now celebrating its 3rd anniversary.  Last year, 150 people joined in the beach cleaning, then stuck around for the Only One Fair.  Free gelato will be distributed to participants after the beach cleaning is finished.

The Only One Fair runs noon ~ 5 p.m. at Yonashiro Teruma.  Various stores carrying products of Uruma City, as well as miscellaneous handmade goods of Okinawa, will be sold.  There will be local markets for vegetables, as well as performances including live music, Okinawa dance and kids dance.

Youth Eisa dancers entertain participants and keep their spirits high.

10:35 18 Jul , 2024