Cute ‘Girly’ Group Exhibition now showing

“Cute” tapestries, decorations and other items designed by a group of three young ladies are on exhibit at Gallery Shop Kufuu through Mar. 31.

Three female collaborators have created an adult joint work exhibition now on display at Gallery Shop Kufuu.

The works of Yuko Izumikawa, Yuriko Touyama and Akiko Ganaha are on exhibition through Sunday the 31st at the Gallery in Oyama, Ginowan City.  Admission is free, and exhibition sales will be a part of the program.  Gallery Shop Kufuu is located just behind Jimmy’s Oyama Shop on Pipeline Street.  The exhibition runs daily 11 a.m. ~ 7 p.m.

The three ladies have designed and created illustrations, miscellaneous goods and solid items based on the themes of adultness and cuteness.  Yuko Izumikawa is making space in the title “Cher mes amis”, using wood as her main material.

Items on display are designed and created based on the themes of adultness and cuteness.

Yuriko Touyama has drawn illustrations on the themes of a butterfly or a flower on five women.  From there, she’s created a tapestry and built the peculiar view of the world.  She’s also put her talents to designing Iphone cases on which the illustrations have been drawn.  Akiko Ganaha draws illustrations which depict the woman as the motif, and has created original stamps, post cards, key cases and T-shirts with the illustrations printed on them.

23:30 22 Jul , 2024