5th Koza Terurin Festival set for April 14th

More than two dozen local performers are slated to be on stage on Apr. 14 at Chuo Park Avenue to celebrate the 5th Koza Terurin Festival, and event held to honor Rinsuke Teruya, the man who more than enyone else influenced Okinawan popular music from the postwar years through his death in 2005.

A festival named in honor of one of Okinawa’s greatest musicians, Rinsuke Teruya, will take place Sunday afternoon, April 14th, at Okinawa City’s Chuo Park Avenue.

A lot of people gathered to Chuo Park Avenue at last year’s festival, a testimony to Rinsuke Teruya’s enduring legacy.

Admission is free for the event, which begins at 1 p.m., to honor the man who stirred Okinawan entertainment after World War II, and became the icon of Okinawan pop culture.  Rinsuke Teruya died in 2005.  More than two dozen performers are slated to be on stage.

This event named in the name of Teruya Rinsuke, one of the pioneers of Okinawan popular music  It is held in Okinawa City, the traditional center of Okinawan entertainment and musical scene, to show the Okinawan music and entertainment. People inherit and celebrate the past as their great property and hand it down to children with their future as pride. The exchange with people who

Plenty of local performers take the stage during Terurin Festival.

gather from the outside of Okinawa prefecture for this day to share the importance of the culture of the island is useful also for promotion of Okinawa city.

“Koza Terurin Festival” is an event by people who love the songs and entertainment of Okinawa. The performing artists and musicians representing Okinawa will appear to announce Okinawan music and entertainment in which they have a great history and pride in front of people who love Okinawa.

Performers include Koji Nakamoto, an Okinawan folk music, jazz drum player, piano player Masaaki Tamae, sanshin player Hirokazu Matsuda, musician Rinken Teruya, Bokunen Naka an artist, and  musician Kazufumi Miyazawa.


21:59 25 Jul , 2024