Gardens & Yards open to public in Nanjo City

Owners of 25 private houses open their gardens to public starting Saturday, and ending a week later on Sunday.

“The opening up of gardens in Nanjo city 2013” is held in every Spring and Autumn since 2010, and takes place starting April 6th, Saturday.

This year marks the event’s seventh year, and runs through Sunday, April 14th, sponsored by the Nanjo City Tourism Association.  It is an event in which the gardens of specified private houses in Nanjo city are opened to the general public to appreciate, and 25 gardens are supposed to participate this time.

In order to appreciate the beautiful gardens, visitors are required to purchase a passport set for ¥300. Visitors can appreciate all the yards any number of times during a period with the passport purchased. The number of visitors has been increasing by each time, and about 15,000 people visit to appreciate last time. Now, it is one of the biggest events representing Nanjo city.

Tickets are available at Ganju station Nanjo (Kudeken), Okinawa Chojuyakusou main office (Sashiki), Sugar Hall (Sashiki), Yuinchi

A special pass is required for entrance to the gardens.

Hotel Nanjo (Sashiki), Minamoto-ya (Sashiki) *closed on Sunday, Nanjo City Office Ozato branch, EM Tamagusuku Milk Factory (Ozato), Okinawa World, Tropical Farm Hanayaka (Tamagusuku), “Nanjo” Station on a plateau (Tamagusuku), and Nakazen Kurukuma Shop (Chinen).

00:48 24 Jul , 2024