Apr 11 ~ 17


Work, exercise or party, whatever you do this week, do it with all of your heart. This is absolutely the best time of the year to start something new for you, whether it’s a success at work or falling passionately in love. The intensive vibes around you will yield impressive results, and good social contacts would give you an extra kick.


If something in your life seems to get messed up and cause extra work, you have to prepare to be tangled with the problems for some time to come. You can’t expect much help from outside, and that’s why you have to rely on your own devices. Those Tauruses who are born in late April can clear things early, but others have to wait.


The life seems like floating around aimlessly as schedules change, people’s opinions shift and many aspects of life that have been the bedrock suddenly seem to become much more unstable. If you feel tired, that’s a sign that you have not taken care of your body, and it’s a high time to take action. But in the background, there is a vibe of excitement.


This weekend is very sensitive. You may find yourself as a helper of a friend in trouble, or maybe just your shoulder to lean on, and an ear that listens is needed. Your love life is offering you more intensive and sensitive connection with your partner. But on the other areas of life, there could be quite serious challenges you have to face.


You are among the lucky ones this week, so you should enjoy your life. If your romance has been on a downward path and dull lately, this weekend could offer a good chance to spike things up. You should watch for an opportunity when it knocks on your door, although everyday routines are pretty much running on automation.


Your imagination is now very active and could cause you to take a jump into the unknown. You are also prone to forgetting and messing up simple things because your mind is elsewhere. Pay attention to your diet and exercise, and you will see your energy level, and social life, to jump to a new level really quick, But you must be ready.


The life is not going along the plan just now. That will cause you to be impatient and prone to bouncing from one thing to another, and that in turn bodes trouble for your personal relationships and even work. The explosive atmosphere could continue up to the last week of April. Luckily there are no urgent demands in the horizon.


Those who were born close to the end of the month are going to face the biggest challenges in the next few days. Especially the tense atmosphere in your human relations requires that something is done about it. First check that you don’t stress too much at your work, and next, be ready for compromises whenever necessary.


It has been hectic, but you can expect the pace to slow down to a more manageable level. You have your big dreams, but there seems to be practical problems that you don’t seem to have energy to overcome just now, but luckily, the time will take care of that. Your hormone level is running high, and that is a good sign for your relationship.


The best place for you just now is home. Doing some small tasks or just lounging around is what the doctor ordered. Those around you may try to push you to do something else, but it’s easy for you to shrug those demands off. However, it’s easy to fall into a domestic dispute as passion and reason don’t walk hand in hand easily.


You should bet on the time with your family this weekend. However, it could be a little frustrating if you don’t get the response you had expected. There are many things that you must have patience to explain in detail, but in the end, you will be rewarded for your trouble. This gives you also a good chance to enhance your relationship.


Pisces are in a romantic mood this weekend, and you have much energy to devote to your partner. So spend time together as much as possible. There could be some pressure on you, as not everyone around you is satisfied with the way things are, and it’s likely that you end up in a verbal duel with someone outside of your family.

22:53 25 Jul , 2024