Landslide in Kunigami

22 residents of 10 families were evacuated to the local community hall after a landslide in Ura district in Kunigami Village about midnight, Saturday.

Fortunately, no one was injured nor was there damage to housing.

The 15-meter wide landslide occurred in the backyard of a municipal apartment building in the district, and residents had to evacuate voluntarily into the nearby community hall until next morning. Kunigami Village officials closed the village road, and repaired phone lines that were broken when the landslide felled an utility pole.

The ward mayor of the district said had been raining for a long time, and that could have loosened the ground. He added that the site has been prone to falling rocks before, and they are going to ask funds from the government to fix the problem.

Village workers will start restoring the road after setting a fence on the landslide site to prevent future landslides.

00:09 24 Jul , 2024