Okinawa FamilyMart to start new service for aged

Okinawa FamilyMart is ready to start a new service from May 1st of delivering bento (meal boxes) to aged persons in Okinawa.

A spokesman for the FamilyMart says the shops will deliver bento, which are specifically adjusted for salinity and texture for aged persons. The delivery service is free, but the bento costs the usual price. The delivery service is available in Naha, Urasoe and Tomigusuku areas first, but the service is scheduled to be extended in areas in the middle through northern part of Okinawa, and also on remote islands in a couple of years. The spokesman points out that the service also provides a way to check on the safety and well being of seniors living alone.

In the future, Okinawa FamilyMart intends to expand the delivery service to include not only bento, but also other items sold at FamilyMart stores.

Introducing the new service, the spokesman said “Even in Okinawa, the declining birth rates and aging of the population are facts of life, and this kind of service is needed. Also, the convenience business is increasing rapidly, and store operators are eager for new ideas.”

  • Sonya

    Very smart idea! I can imagine convalescent homes asking for multiple deliveries!

14:09 10 Dec , 2023