62 new names added to Peace Memorial Cornerstone

Names of 62 people who died during the Battle of Okinawa at the end of the WWII have been added to a new stone slab at the Cornerstone of Peace Memorial monument in Mabuni, Itoman City.

Six workers using heavy equipment installed the new granite piece, 1.2 meters high and 1.8 meters wide, in its place on June 17th.

The number of names engraved in the stone is 26 higher than a year ago when 36 names were added, which was the smallest number thus far. 46 names of the 62 were Okinawan people who lived here, and the rest had been people from other prefectures who had died on Okinawa during the battle.

With the new addition, the total number of names engraved in the stone monument is now 241,227.

23:20 22 Jul , 2024