June 20 ~ 26


This period is going to be very busy in our life, and its best to try to take one thing at a time. Make sure you rid yourself of negative thoughts, and follow as healthy a life style as you can. You should recognize that this could change your life profoundly, and goals that you are aiming now may soon start to look much less important.


Everyone seems to want their share of your time this weekend. Because that is not practically possible, make a list of importance, and then stick with your plan. Someone might try to pull the rug from under your feet, but you should take a light approach to that with humor, and surprise everyone else. Show that you are not a doormat.


There are many possibilities ahead for you, and that could cause feelings of anxiousness. You should try to find a focal point to anchor you life to. You can expect to meet a new and interesting person this weekend, but you have to get out of the house. A person younger than you turns out to be worth listening and learning from.


Although you value the feeling of comfort and stability in your life, this would be a good moment to expand your horizons. Try to utilize all your skills and knowledge. Returning to the drawing board could lead you to a completely new path in your life, with many changes, challenges and possibilities right in front of your eyes.


You are on the fast track, but you should remember that you could step on the brakes any time you want. To make progress in the long run requires you to keep the reins to yourself. Stop and think what would be the direction you want to go. Think about your former experiences, and learn of the mistakes of your past.


The atmosphere around you is exciting and almost overwhelming. Are you waiting for a vacation or a romantic weekend getaway? Which ever it is, be ready to enjoy. You future just now looks bright, and sharing it with your friends and loved ones would make it really special. Whatever is changing your attitude stick with it.


Deep and strong feelings are on the forefront this time. Maybe some people are not very familiar with your serious side, are a little confused about your real aims, and are trying hard to understand you. You perhaps would like to spend some time alone this weekend. But you could change your mind in a second, too.


Clear up your relationship with people you have been involved in before. In order to be able to start a new beginning, you have to let go of the past. If you are looking for a romance, the best place to look for is somewhere you are familiar with. An invitation to a weekend event could be in the cards. Luckily you know what you want.


You are in especially sensitive mood this weekend although there is no real reason for it. You should realize that everyone is not thinking of you, and every criticism spoken in your presence is not aimed at you. Think positive. In a matter of fact, with a little sense of humor you can be on top of any situation. Cynicism is something you should forget.


There is an emotionally loaded situation ahead that you try to avoid, but you might not be successful in that. It is not really imperative that you explain everything, but it could benefit resolving the problem. Be sympathetic. Your lover could ask what you really think, but if you can’t give an honest answer, it’s better to stay quiet.


This coming weekend and a few days into nest week could be confusing, and even somewhat murky. Is something irritating you? Is there something that someone has said? Are you in the right place with the right people? Of course you will answer negative to some of these questions, but don’t avoid them. Do something about it.


You should ask the opinion of your family and friends on what they would do in your situation. Sure, you are going to get different answers, and only you know what is possible to put into practice. Although there often can be an understanding without words, it’s the words that are needed just now. Others see this better than you.

22:44 20 Jul , 2024