Ikei Island hotel to re-open

Real estate company Adjust from Chatan Town plans to open a hotel named AJ Resort Island Ikei on Ikei Island in Yonashiro, Uruma City.

The new hotel will open in the facilities of the former “Big Time Resort Ikei Island” after a complete renovation. Big Time resort closed in February 2012,. The plans also call for an expansion of the facilities on the property.

The agreement was reportedly signed at a meeting on June 9 between Adjust and the owner of the property. The work on the project is scheduled to start in July, and the plans call for starting the business from April next year.

The site has a total of 130,000 square meters, and the hotel accommodations and restaurants will be in the renovated former facility, which has a total floor area of 6,600 sq.m. There are 86 guest rooms, of which 58 are regular guest rooms and 28 rooms in cottages. A private beach is also included, and there will be an open-air bath for hotel guests, plus swimming pools for both hotel guests and visitors. A mini-zoo and other facilities are also in the plans. The adjacent cart circuit area will be converted to a camping park.

Adjust President Shigeharu Miyagi says that the company wants Okinawan local residents to enjoy the new resort, too. He says he envisions it to become a place where adults can relax while kids play at the various facilities.

21:03 25 Jul , 2024