Nangoku Café supports Hiyakamichi Project

Nangoku Cafe this weekend takes place outdoors in Naha’s Nigiwai Park.

This weekend’s Nangoku Café is a project launched to further develop the historically attractive public market in Naha, binding together three pillars of a school, a movie theater and a market.

The event features plenty of home-made products that visitors can enjoy on site or take home.

The event Saturday and Sunday 11 a.m. ~ 4 p.m. at the Nigiwai Hiroba, 2-7-1 Matsuo, Naha City, brings the culture and charm which Okinawa is famous for, letting the public rediscover lectures, events, film showings, etc.

Nangoku Cafe will be carried out as part of the section of the “market” which is one of the pillars of the plan. Every month, the marche or the market of various concepts are held. For example, the marche, which specialized in bread and baked confectionery was held in May, attracted a big crowd of visitors.

Live performers add to the atmosphere.

This month’s “Nankoku Café” features many stores with a distinctive southern island ambience. “Nangoku” means “South Country” in English. What was collected from Nankoku, not only from Okinawa but from the world, will be sold.  Food, miscellaneous goods, etc. of a various genres such as coffee, ice cream, gelato, curry, Mexican jewelry, Asian miscellaneous goods, African musical instruments, all will be on sale on both days.

The event named the “Twilight marche” is scheduled for the end of next month as the next event of this project.

00:42 24 Jul , 2024