Pair of dolphins join Churaumi Aquarium

A pair of pantropical spotted dolphins were recently introduced in the Kuroshio sea tank at the Churaumi Aquarium, and are now delighting audiences who watch them swimming with whale sharks and manta rays in the facility’s main tank.

The dolphins started in the tank on June 1st, and it marks the first time dolphins have been on display in the Churaumi Aquarium. According to Churaumi staff the pair at first looked a bit nervous about their new surroundings, but quickly became accustomed to the new environment and now swim around confidently.

Pantropical spotted dolphins are common in the seas around Okinawa, and are rather small in size. The dolphins added into the tank are about 180 cm long male and female and both are about nine years old. Churaumi officials say they plan to add one more female into the tank soon.

13:35 14 Jul , 2024