Residents invited to join clean up project dressed in costume

The Okinawa City Residents Activity and Exchange Center is looking for volunteers to join a planned clean-up project called “Kasou de Seisou” planned for July 13th in downtown Okinawa City. In order to increase the special atmosphere at the event, the center has come up with the idea of urging those who join to do so dressed up in fun costumes of their fancy.

The area of the project covers the Chuo Park Avenue (a.k.a. B.C. Street), Gate 2 Street, Ichibangai arcade and the Music Town area. The aim is to welcome and cerebrate participants for the upcoming Kijimuna Festival that is scheduled for July 18 through 28.

The specialty of this clean-up project is to have participants, including staff from the city, to wear costumes because organizers see it as a way of creating a fun festive feel among participants. Of course, anyone can participate without wearing a costume if they so prefer.

Masahiro Mori, the president of the center, says they are preparing a few costumes for themselves. “Our main objective is to clean the Kijimunaa Fest event area with the help of residents before the event starts. Anybody is welcome, but should register to join the project.”

The deadline to register is June 10, and those who want to join can call at 098-989-8362.

00:46 24 Jul , 2024