Aug 29 ~ Sep 4


Having a chance to spend some time by yourself this weekend would be best relaxation for you. Those who are looking for new love would do best t try a little less and let the nature to take its course. Everything at your work is now going to your way, and your ideas are well received. Don’t hide your thoughts, but respect and listen to other people’s opinions, too.


You can expect some bumps ahead in your romance, but they are not too serious to cause permanent damage. You have to be discreet and avoid hurting your lover. Starting next week, you can expect to start a very productive period at your work, but you must rest as much as possible over the weekend. Watch for news that will affect your directly in a positive way.


You are now quite popular, and people are ready to show that, too. Maybe you can receive some flowers or even a present from someone who admires you greatly. You are also an inspiration to your colleagues at work with your good ideas and insights. Although our good aura does not turn into extra income overnight, it will definitely have a positive effect in the long run.


Although you very likely will have a very nice and pleasant weekend with your family and friends, you must watch carefully what you say and do. This I also a perfect time to make plans for the future, especially regarding your work. But avoid games of luck as the stars are not with you in that area. You also have to watch your spending a little better.


You are likely to meet someone who will become very important for you when you are out shopping this weekend. This meeting could lead to a serious romance or result in a successful business. But be careful not to make any decisions in haste, although the odds are that in the end you will do very well financially. You could also have a chance to win playing slots.


Small children or a pet could give a lift to your spirits just now. Your love life seems to be on the safe side, and you won’t have anything to worry about on that front, which naturally makes you very glad. Things at work go smooth, and you are well liked and appreciated. If you are planning to sell something, you should wait for a new idea to come, which it will soon.


Someone from your past is going to surprise you with a present, and that puts you on your best mood with your happiness radiating to everyone you come to contact with. But you should avoid certain persons at your work who are irritated to see anyone to be as happy as you are. Of course it’s jealousy, but there is not much you can do about that.


If you are planning to have a party this weekend, you should go for a cheaper variation. Potluck would be a wonderful idea. You can also expect to discover a surprise that you haven’t expected, but it will not have a permanent effect on your life. You can enjoy harmony and love at home. You should be able to take the initiative at your work to your great satisfaction.


If you trust to your own ideas you are sure to be able to overcome whatever obstacles life throws on your path. Concentrating on your favorite hobby can greatly boost your confidence, but romance keeps you waiting for a little longer as those you have an eye on mostly think about you more as a nice friend. If you thing about gambling, something like lotto would be better than slots.


Of course you have a romance in your mind, but this weekend it seems that your best bet is to relax at home reading a book or watching a movie instead of making a chase downtown. Some changes are coming at your work, but not in the immediate future. Although you may feel tired, you are basically healthy. As you finances are good, you can afford something extra.


You can expect the sweetest love right at home now. Parties could seem to be fun at first, but you are going to get tired of them sooner than you think. So, why bother? You should pamper yourself because you have earned it, and can afford it. Money seems to be no problem, but you should not engage in gambling of any kind. Better save your money for now.


Playing with children can give you extra points in your social circles, and earn you a reputation of being a trusted friend to whom to go for an advice when needed. Even if your work seems tedious at times, there are no problems ahead. This would be a great weekend to start losing weight. You should start jogging or even walks that you have planned for so long.


10:54 18 Jul , 2024