Tokyo Olympic will have good effect on Okinawa

Tokyo won the rights to hold the Summer Olympic games in 2020, announced early Sunday morning Japan time, setting off a fever among the general public and businesses alike.

Some businesses have lost no time starting to promote their activities in various areas. In Okinawa, it seems that the selection of Tokyo should make a good impact on the island. The Naha airport second runway is scheduled to be complete in 2019, just in time to allow more and more visitors to Okinawa, and prefecture officials believe the Olympics in Japan means increasing numbers of tourists to the island.

The president of Okinawa Convention Bureau Yoshiyuki Uehara says the Olympics in Japan is something that does not happen often, and it should be a boost to Okinawa tourism. “The Olympics is one of the biggest world wide events, and we can safely assume the event generates good economic effects to Okinawa, too.”

  • Sonya


04:14 10 Dec , 2023