Invitation to solve Halloween Puzzle!

Koza Shopping Street Federation will be holding “Halloween Town in Koza 2013” this weekend, and on the 31st. The event will be held in the Ichibangai shopping mall and other stores in the area.

The event is a problem-solving event. Participants will have to go from store to store gathering hints and finally rescue the jack-o-lantern from the castle.

On Sat. and Sun. the event starts at 1, 2 and 4 p.m. Participating is free. The starting point is across the Goya bus stop, at the Koza Gate Apartment Bldg.

A Koza Shopping Street Federation spokesman says, “We want the whole family to participate and have fun with this event.”

For more information call Koza BOX at 098-938-3918. A Halloween Costume Party is also scheduled for the 31st on Gate 2 Street.

11:58 04 Mar , 2024