WWII veterans looking for lost friend

We recently received this letter from a WWII veteran who together with his brother was stationed in Okinawa just at the end of WWII. If at all possible he would like to get in touch with the person described in the letter, who was five years old at the time.

If anyone has any information related to this, we have the complete address of this veteran at our office, contact at info@japanupdate.com


To the Editor

This is a WWII humane story from Okinawa at war’s end in 1945.

I am in hopes of locating a  about 70-year-old Okinawan woman that my brother and I became acquainted with as the battle ended.

We were soldiers in the 27th infantry division occupying the northern sector of Okinawa. Not far from our camp location was an Okinawan family of a man, his wife and two daughters that my brother and I visited. The man was badly crippled or he would have been in the Japanese military.  The two daughters – a new born and a girl about six years old (now 70).

The family had been victims of our bombing and a daughter had been killed. The six-year-old was injured by shrapnel and by the red streaks on her leg it was obvious that blood poisoning was setting in. She needed immediate medical attention.

My brother went and found a Navy corpsman who came and lanced and dressed the wound. In a few days the wound was healed.

This couple was so pleased that they gave us each a fresh egg.

If by any chance the “girl” of a relative may relate it to my brother and me, it would be a wonderful follow-up to include in my memoir.

I’m 94 and my brother is 92.



Victor G, McNett

Topsham, ME


  • Larry Muse

    great story! Wish he and his brother luck! Keep the viewer’s posted~

17:00 17 Apr , 2024