‘Tomodachi Works’ extends outreach

Tomodachi Works is planning to organize a monthly event on the fourth weekend of each month at Akara Gallery parking lot.

A group formed earlier this fall to create new opportunities for Okinawans, Japanese and foreigners to get to know each other better, has created a new event for January 5th to bring the community closer together.

Tomodachi Works invites vendors to join the event to sell their wares.

Tomodachi Works that organized its first event in Onna Village in September has the goal of making Okinawa a more international place by conducting international events each month.  The January 5th event at Akara Gallery parking space at Depot Island Mihama is the fourth such event.  There will be many more at the central location, as Tomodachi Works has authorization to use the gallery parking lot on a recurring basis.

The plan is to have cultural and friendship exchanges both with foreigners and Okinawans, and Japanese and tourists from the mainland, with an event on the 4thweekend of each month beginning in February.

Various amateur groups provide entertainment at the events.

Organizers say they’re aware that Japanese want to meet American families and friends, but are often too shy to initiate encounters because of poor language abilities.  Likewise, Americans want to meet Japanese and become friends, learn the culture and language.  Tomodachi Works will bridge the cultural and language barriers.

A Golden Kings Bus Tour with Japan Update is on the calendar for January 19th, February brings the Pork Soup Festival, and the Hina Doll Festival is coming up March 22nd and 23rd.  On tap the 5th of May is a Rice-cake pounding festival, with all activities free and open to the public.

Tomodachi Works is on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/tomodachiworks2013?fref=ts, or can be searched with “Tomodachi Works”

06:09 30 May , 2024