UFCO aids Philippine typhoon victims

The Nov. 30 Charity March raised $7,800 in six hours.

Following the devastation of typhoon Haiyan, UFCO organized a Charity Walk, Nov. 30 to raise funds to aid the victims. They are still continuing the effort in the form of selling t-shirts until Dec. 31.

Kadena Air Base and Kadena BX at Fad Tech Telecom Counter are supporting the efforts through Dec. 31 daily from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. The point of contact off base is Irene Philippine Store in Chuo Okinawa City, just off Gate 2 Street. Irene is open 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. Inquiries about the effort can be emailed to ufco.hq@gmail.com

Miko Liggayu and Dr. Alfonso Alarcon.

The Charity Walk Nov. 30 raised over $7,800 in 6 hours, and now with the fundraising extended through Dec. 31 might just reach our goal of over a half-million Philippine pesos. The first released funds are already donated to UFCO’s media partner ABS-CBN Japan to fund goods for purchase in the Philippines (Sagip Kapamilya,) UFCO’s recovery building project beneficiary (Gawad Kalinga) and a gesture of charity was shared to Caritas Manila as a spiritual tribute for the victims and survivors.

Over 230 participants contributed at the Charity Walk. UFCO various committees embodied a dedicated and hard working crew of 100 under the coordinator Miko Liggayu.

USNH Medical and Dental battallion headed by Ronald Eusebio and Jonathan Sotingco provided over 100 volunteers in assisting UFCO. Mark Mariano, Mark Santos, and Cooky Valenzuela, Hamilton Cruz, Zaida and Roma Mariano, Mari Yonamine and Mila Kogachi, Karla Gillo and Ryumi Gillo, Hiromi Garcia and Lyn Fugrad, Chiaki Yagi Chiemi Toyama, Lorna Kinjo, Marylou and Tina Yadao, Reika Kiyuna, and Julie Uchima, and Mercy Cristobal execurted the Charity Walk event. Logistics and Funding operations were assisted by the organizations. A UFCO Freight Committee was extended in the Philippines under the supervision of Katie Gillo, Kirk Noble. The remittance was assisted by Okinawa Bank for Philippine National Bank, and Bank of the Philippine Islands for the beneficiaries for transparency.

Participant and the longest living Filipino in Okinawa, the Emeritus Dr. Alfonso Alarcon, now 92 yours young, attended and declared the Nov. 30 event as the best sight he’s ever witnessed in his days living on Okinawa, Japan for over 70 years. Unity was the key ingredient in making the endeavor a success under the “Bayanihan” (spirit of communal unity, “Kapit Bisig” (linking arms), and Abot-Tanaw (vision).

Because of this singular element created, UFCO stands as the official POC for Humanitarian Relief Ambassador unit in the region of Okinawa, Japan, to include voluntary assistance force from USFJ Okinawa. A future pending emergency relief education courses with Japan-Self Defense Associations, Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan Disaster Relief Team Dispatch, and US Military American Cross Okinawa and Japan Red Cross Okinawa await in 2014.

01:08 31 May , 2024