Today is day of ‘muuchii’

Today, Dec. 8 of the lunar calendar, or Jan. 8th by the Gregorian calendar this year, is the day for Okinawan people to eat muuchii rice cakes. Muuchii is a traditional Okinawan steamed rice cake wrapped in the leaf of shell ginger.

The annual tradition is believed to provide good luck and maintain good health by eating muuchii, and Okinawans have a custom where muuchii is offered on a Buddhist altar. Families, particularly those with small children, hang the same number of muuchii as their children’s age from the ceiling, praying for healthy growth for them. The practice is called ‘Sagi Muuchii’.

There are a variety of flavors of muuchi, including pumpkin, beniimo, the purple sweet potato, and black sugar. The taste is flavorful and appealing, and it’s loved by both young and old.

Smell the gettou leaves from the shell ginger and enjoy.  Muuchii is available in virtually all supermarkets.

01:39 28 May , 2024