Curry is Cultural Cooking Class topic

Global Village cooking classes are a wonderful way to make international friends.

“Curry: flavorful warm ooey-gooey goodness on rice.”

That’s the definition for one of the most loved dishes in Asia and a national comfort food that almost all Japanese people are well acquainted with making. Although it looks as if curry were a complicated dish to make, it is something that even a high school student –whose cooking repertoire only includes instant macaroni and cheese– is capable of learning in one lesson.

Men can learn how to roll sushi, and then continue conversations with locals after the class.

That opportunity is here.  Recognizing curry’s popularity among foreigners; Global Village has designed a Cultural Cooking Class where this delicious dish will be taught. What further makes this class unique is that local Japanese residents will be the instructors, ensuring that one learns how to make authentic Japanese home cooked curry.
The reason for locals being instructors is two-fold, as is the class. Locals can use curry as a means of sharing their culture while practicing their English, and foreigners can learn a new recipe and ask all those questions they’ve had about their new island home; receiving an answer “straight from the uma’s (the Japanese word for horse) mouth.”
After the class, conversation will continue while all participants enjoy their fresh masterpiece.The class will be held on May 31st from 6 p.m. ~ 8 p.m. at Ginowan’s Global Village. The deadline for signing up is May 24th. Tuition is ¥2,160 including material fee of ¥540.

15:03 27 Feb , 2024