‘Fresh’ is passion for Marudai Supermarkets

Marudai main store in Haebaru.

Customers demand freshness in every food product –from fish to vegetables to meat—and Marudai Supermarket is committed to meeting those demands.

With 11 stores on Okinawa, anchored by its main store in Haebaru Town, Marudai Supermarkets have made a public pledge to have shelves always filled with a variety of fresh products.  Haebaru’s store has the biggest shopping floor out of the 11, with of course groceries plus daily necessities, lunch boxes made in the store and a rich variety of other dishes.

For customers to have fun while shopping, Marudai holds a sale every Wednesday, and every month specially elected products at a reasonable price are available. Also, twice a year, in summer and winter, to show appreciation to their customers, there is a raffle where customers who purchase over \3,000 can participate to win high-priced items such as Wagyu beef. The raffle is available in all 11 stores.

Inside the supermarket space, there are also other stores such as a drug store, ¥100 store, yakiniku restaurant, ramen restaurant and fast food joints. It’s a great place to enjoy shopping and a meal. Hours are from 7 a.m. to 1 a.m. Marudai Supermarket Main Store is at http://goo.gl/maps/e1FHH.

Customer favorites include fried food, sushi, sashimi, fresh veggies and fish.  May people buy ready-made food, especially on weekends, bent lunch boxes, instant curry, and ramen noodles.  Marudai also began a “Bring your own bag campaign” a few years ago to reduce plastic in Okinawan landfills. Now all supermarkets charge ¥3 per plastic bag.

11:01 18 Jul , 2024