Jun 19 ~ 25


Influence by planet Mars is affecting you causi9ng you to have become a little one-sided in your opinions. You should thrive to move your mind more away from your comfort zone as that would increase your ability to appreciate many new things. Improvising in a new situation does no always lead to success, but most of the time, it makes life more interesting.


Keeping an open mind at your work regarding a new idea could open the floodgates of your imagination. This could be a good time to think a bout the direction of your life and maybe change the course a bit, even if only temporarily. Concentrate on your future. Planning and then trying something new before complete commitment could save you plenty.


You can be confident about your immediate future even though there surely are both up and down hills to be expected. Do not avoid changes just to keep peace in your environment, as sometimes raising a little ruckus is necessary for progress. If you only try to please others, your road to success is bound to become longer. Besides, you would not learn anything without a good fight.


You can expect to have a clear idea what you really need in your life. Something unexpected is going to happen that highlights different possibilities you have in front of you. You can also expect to become disillusioned with always being lead by someone else. However, you should not run into a battle without first making a good sound plan how to fight it.


Although you should look after your future you still have a tendency to cling to your past. Circumstances beyond your control require you to act fast as situations around you are bound to change faster that you had expected. You still have a change to pick and choose, but you have to be determined and clear in your intentions. Others are now waiting for your leadership.


The next few days are going to be so full of action that you are in danger of burning out. So why not try to get those around you to give you a helping hand? That could feel like too much trouble just now, but you would se the value of help soon enough. Cooperation at this time is a wise choice, and it would also be good for your health. Don’t forget to take care of yourself.


Although you are busy try to al least stop and get your breath back sometimes. The schedule you have organized for yourself this weekend is going to take much time and energy. You also have to take a close look at your lifestyle in order to make you look your best at this time. You might not want to give up anything, but you could add some healthy habits.


Your partner is not necessarily happy with your situation just now, but there’s a little you can do as you are up and running. Maybe you should direct all of your energy to your work just now instead of dispersing it to all over the place. Some people think that you have waited too long to make a personal decision, but just now it’s not advisable to be in a hurry.


A recent encounter regarding work or romance has left your mind in a state of chaos. A good point is that you are awake. Whatever you decide to do is sure to give you plenty of experience of life, even if, in the end, not much changes permanently. Do not spoil your weekend by trying to please others too much, but you should learn from their experiences.


Something is heavy in your mind, and you don’t know what to do, and then you begin to have doubts. Ask advice from people you trust. Maybe you know someone who has been through the same situation. Maybe that person could tell you what to avoid especially. You could save much time and energy by finding out in advance about as many details as possible.


Not everything goes according to a plan, but just that is the challenge of life, and you are a strong person. Many people want you to take the reins, and the only thing you have to do is to show that you are capable of that. But it would be equally good to educate yourself about the experiences of others in order to avoid big mistakes because of your innocence. Then go for it.


Although you sometimes have this urge to show off something flashy, most people around you like your modest and quiet style more. But you should not retire within your own walls. Instead, seek the company of as many people as you can. It could be that some aspects in your life could be in need if a new beginning. Just have an open mind, and you can bet on safe future.

22:50 28 Nov , 2023