Black bass found in Asato River

Named as one of the 100 invasive alien species in Japan is the Black Bass, a fish native to North America. Because it’s highly valued as a game fish, it has been transferred to many regions in the world.

The Japanese law specifically defines this fish species, and it is against the law to transfer and release it anywhere in the country.

On the 27th several Black Bass were discovered one after another in the Asato River in Naha City. Environmental experts say it’s extremely dangerous to let this species out because they are likely to cause a change in the ecosystem. They are seriously asking people not to release them into rivers.

Between Jun. 22nd and 25th, a total of four 25 to 40-centimeter-long Black Bass were fished from the Asato River in front of Saion Square in Naha City.

04:59 15 Jul , 2024