Chatan to increase hotels for tourists from abroad

Chatan city officials announced on Jul. 12 a plan to increase the hotel and business area adjacent to the Depo Island in Mihama.

According to the plan, three new hotels, specifically aimed at attracting visitors from abroad, will be constructed next to the current Vessel Hotel Campana Okinawa, plus two new commercial buildings will go up in the area to house about 60 new shops.

Officials say that they saw a great demand for expanding the existing facilities considering that Mihama is one of the most popular tourist areas in the prefecture, and the large increase in numbers of foreign visitors to the prefecture.

One of the new hotels will be a family-type facility that is scheduled to open in March 2016. It will have one floor underground and 11 floors above with a total of 170~180 rooms. The second hotel building construction would start in 2016 and it is planned to have 150 guest rooms. Vessel Hotels will operate both of the new hotels.

The schedule for the construction and details of the third hotel would be decided in the future.

The construction for the first commercial building begins in August and it’s scheduled to open in spring 2015. The second building construction would begin as soon as early 2016.

23:27 23 Jul , 2024