Jul 31 ~ Aug 6


Your desire of love could have been dreams and not reality until now, but now you finally could have a chance to have your dreams turned into sweet happiness. Maybe it all begins with a party at your workplace. However, don’t expect everything to happen by itself. You have to do your part and be active. Take the weekend just the way it comes, and you won’t be disappointed.


It would be best to tread carefully, even if the prize at the end of the path looks very attractive. It would be very easy to get your feet wet. Someone is encouraging you to take new risks and embark on an adventure. You should pay attention to this person, as many of the ideas could be great fun. You could even discover a new love interest through this person as planet Venus is strong just now.


Sometimes life is funny, as you will discover this weekend. Beware of an old trap that keeps repeating itself, although your experience should help you to get through it all. Even if you could doubt the attitude of a close friend and think he is all out there, you would do well to listen to him carefully. With his insight you could discover something enjoyable in your life sooner than later.


Something that has to do with your finances is going to give you a little trouble, but you should not take it too seriously. It’s only a matter of time that everything is going to settle down. You should concentrate on enjoying this summer that is really going to be one of your happiest times. You should leave any thoughts of problems to next week and concentrate on you love life instead.


Something that you have considered to be very strange is going to need new thinking after one of your friends presents you with a completely new angle into the matter. You are going to have to face a challenge, but you should think about that over the weekend in order to have a calmer atmosphere prevail before acting. Enjoy the nice weather, and don’t hesitate to party when a chance arises..


You have wondered the behavior of one of your friends, but you are going to find an explanation to that over the weekend. And that explanation could be quite a surprise to you. You attention to details is not going to be at its top, so it would be better to relax and charge your batteries. You have been on an overdrive for so long that many of your friends are worried that you would burn out.


As you know your situation best, it would not help you this time to listen to your friends too much. Although people say that it’s only the winners who are remembered in the long run, you will discover over the weekend that participation is also important. This is the peak time for every summer fun activity, and you should enjoy your part in it. No reason to worry about small matters now.


Someone seems to have a strange attitude, especially when you discuss matters related to you. Maybe there’s some envy behind this attitude, but it’s difficult to say for sure. Another person is intruding into your life, and although you could understand the feelings, you should find a way to tell this person the virtues of being discrete. Maybe some straight talk would be in order.


Success is the best way to grow your self-confidence, and that would lead to new successes that would in turn bury any small setbacks. There is a get-together over the weekend that you would very much like to attend, but for some reason it does not seem to be possible. Whatever you think, you have no reason to avoid this occasion on the grounds that some of your old friends would be there.


You have been very busy through the whole month of July, so it would be a high time to take it a little easier. You know yourself that your pace has been too hectic, so try to relax. Someone is going to say some words that could affect your deeply, and that’s a fantastic feeling that would stay with you for a long time. There’s one person whom you have neglected and should give more of your time.


This is the weekend to keep your barbecue hot, gather your friends around and party to your heart’s content. That would give you plenty of extra energy to face challenges of the rest of the summer. Your heart is yearning something that you can’t exactly put your finger on, but you should nurture that feeling and preferably in the company of someone dear to you in order to make most of it.


As far as romance and money go, this weekend is one to remember. Betting just a little could bring you a jackpot in either of those. You have to agree with your colleague at work although you don’t understand what actually is going on. A little bit of humor is a good way to get through the problem. Although you should be careful with your money, things will definitely look up in the future.

23:00 22 Jul , 2024