Irabu Bridge to open in January

The longest bridge within the prefecture connecting Miyako Island to Irabu Island has been under construction for about 10 years, and has now only about 150-meter span left to be built.

As the rest of the bridge is getting some final touches, engineers in the construction office are assuring that the bridge will open in January.

The Irabu Bridge is 3,540 meters long, 1,960 meters longer than the Kouri Bridge in Nakijin, making it the longest bridge in Okinawa.

According to Toru Kobashigawa, the general manager of the Okinawa Miyako Civil Engineering Office, “It has been 10 years since we started the construction of this bridge. We have faced some natural disasters, but its going to open as promised. I hope we finish the work safely.”

05:15 15 Jul , 2024