Japan’s first emergency warnings issued for Typhoon Neoguri

On Jul. 7th, Typhoon Neoguri headed northwest towards Okinawa’s southern shore while all the time becoming stronger.

On the same day, the Meteorological Agency announced an emergency warning calling it one of the strongest typhoons in the month of July in decades. The warning included a storm surge special warning for Miyako Island, and for Okinawa main island, a special emergency high sea warning was announced. Both were the first such warnings in Japan since the new emergency warning procedures were put in place in April.

The Okinawa Meteorological Agency advised residents to take shelter for this typhoon, which seemed to create unusual conditions and put people serious danger.

  • SonKokujin

    Anybody catch the pics of the flooding? Damn, what a doozie!

21:02 25 Jul , 2024