Okisho to represent Okinawa at Koshien

The 96th Okinawa High School Baseball Championship game to decide which team is the best among the high schools on Okinawa was held Sunday at the Koza Shinkin Stadium in Okinawa City. At the championship match Okinawa Shogaku, the last year’s champion faced the Itoman High School team.

Okinawa Shogaku won decisively 6-1 giving the team the coveted invitation to the All Japan Invitational High School Summer National Championship Series at Koshien Stadium in Hyogo Prefecture. This marks the second time in a row for Okinawa Shogaku to participate in the annual Koshien tournament, and the 7th time for the Okinawa Shogaku to participate.

The championship series begins Aug. 9th at the Hanshin Koshien stadium and all games will be broadcast live on the national NHK TV.

22:06 25 Jul , 2024