Peach Aviation cancels some Okinawa flights

Peach Aviation, one of Japan’s low cost carriers, announced Monday they would cancel almost 20 percent of their scheduled flights in September and October, a total of 740 flights. As for the reason, the company cites the shortage of pilots.

Peach Aviation expects some 3,000 passengers to be affected. The company had foreseen the cancellation of 786 flights but since they were able to find a few extra pilots, the number of cancelled flights was reduced. A total of seven of the company’s domestic air routes will be cancelled, including flights to Naha and between Naha and Ishigaki.

According to Peach Aviation, between May and October, a total of 2,080 flights would be cancelled. The company expects to be able to hire more pilots from November, and that will ensure passengers more flights.

00:02 23 Jul , 2024