School children to learn about ocean and English language

Why do fish shoal is one of the questions that comes up at the Coco Juku and Natural Blue dive shop joint learning event for elementary children.

Coco Juku and diving shop Natural Blue are collaborating in creating an event aimed at elementary school age children, currently on their summer holiday, to teach them about the ocean and experience learning English.

The event is specifically designed for those who would like to start learning English but feel the threshold is too high. Organizers reason that “while being in nature using all five senses, why not also experience how much fun learning English could be too?”

The events are held starting at Maeda Misaki parking lot in Onna Village, map:

The events take place on Saturdays July 26th, Aug 2nd and Aug 30th starting at 4 p.m. on each day. Advance reservation and parental participation is required. The cost is a reasonable ¥500 per person. Participants must bring swimsuit, T-shirt to prevent sunburn and rash, marine shoes (no slippers or sandals allowed), goggles and a water bottle. For more information, call 090-9497-7374 or email

19:26 14 Jul , 2024