Sunset Beach is beach party paradise

Trees on the back of the beach offer nice shady areas against the scorching summer sun.

Sunset Beach, located next to Mihama American Village, is one of the most popular man-made beaches on Okinawa. In a matter of fact, the whole area was built on a landfill over a shallow coast.

The beach is easily accessible just a short walk away from the Depot Island shopping and entertainment complex and behind the AEON department store.

Although too shallow for serious swimming, the Sunset Beach is an ideal setting for kids to splash around.

As the name implies, this is one of the most spectacular beaches in Okinawa to catch the setting sun. It is also a popular place for beach parties with many groups reserving a tent and a table for a weekend party. Reservations can be made at a kiosk on the north end of the beach that also rents barbeque equipment and other beach accessories, and sells drinks and snacks.

The water is quite shallow and calm, perfect for just getting your feet wet or taking little ones for a safe dip. The swimming area is protected by a net to keep poisonous jellyfish and other unpleasant sea creatures away.

During the beach season there are lifeguards on duty. It also features large gathering tables, toilet blocks at each end, shower facilities, a kiosk and a bar to ensure an enjoyable day out for everyone. Map:

19:29 14 Jul , 2024