Woman robbed of ¥100,000 in Haebaru

A 25-year-old woman waiting for a friend at the Southern Plex movie theater parking lot was robbed of her rucksack containing ¥100,000 in cash, about 1 a.m. Tuesday morning.

According to Yonabaru Police, a man approached the woman, suddenly grabbed her from behind covering her mouth with his hand, and warned “Don’t make a noise, or I kill you.” He then grabbed her rucksack and ran away towards Yonabaru. The woman was not injured.

After the robber ran away, the woman immediately called the police. The robbery scene is located next to a large shopping center, but the facility was closed at the time. As the robbery happened late at night it was very dark except for the streetlight and the streets in the area were almost empty.

Yonabaru police are investigating the robbery.

According to the victim’s testimony, the man was in his 20’s, about 170 cm tall and skinny. He had his hair dyed brown and was wearing a black T-shirt.

21:10 25 Jul , 2024