Saving Rai fund gets big boost from Saving Miyu fund

Administrators of the ‘Charity of Saving Miyu-chan’ that supported Miyu Kaname to get a heart transplant in the U.S. in 2011, have decided to donate ¥125 million from their reserve fund to ‘Charity of Saving Rai’.

The money would also ensure that that the required down payment would be made in time to ensure the proceedings of the heart transplant get started. As of Oct. 11th, the total of the current fund stands at ¥64,181,333, and when the ¥125 million is included the total would surpass the ¥162 million, which is the advance payment needed to be paid before Rai goes to the U.S.  Although it’s not enough for the final target of ¥215 million, it moves the target much closer, and the ‘Charity of Saving Rai’ plans to keep on calling for donations with new vigor and confidence.

A representative of Miyu’s fund office says, “We collected a total of ¥269.7 million for Miyu, which was more than the target figure.  When we talked about the reserve fund in April, we thought the money should be used for some child in Okinawa who needs a cardiac transplant.”

According to byelaws of the Charity of Saving Miyu-chan, the fund was required to keep any extra funds frozen in reserve for three years after necessary expenditures related to Miyu’s surgery until Miyu’s postoperative course of health was deemed stable.  This April, the three-year mark after the heart transplant passed.

06:59 01 Mar , 2024